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The first, from Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, came on Tuesday. The title of the news release was, "88 RETIRED U. " (The media was quick
to point out
that many names on the list weren't immediately recognizable. GENERALS AND ADMIRALS ENDORSE TRUMP.

arme-de-defense.frBERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's military counter-intelligence agency is investigating 64 suspected "extremist Islamists" working for the armed forces, a spokesman for the Defence Ministry said on Wednesday.

BERLIN (Reuters) - The United States said on Thursday it was skeptical about Germany's call for a new arms control deal with Russia to avoid an escalation of tensions in Europe, given Moscow's violation of a series of other agreements.

Nineteen people were discharged from the forces for being "extremist Islamists" during that period. Between 2007 and 2016, 30 "extremist Islamists" went to Syria or Iraq after being employed in the armed forces, the spokesman said.

envoy to the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), told Reuters that Washington favors continued dialogue with Russia to enhance transparency, but is wary of entering into any new agreements at this point.

The cabinet on Wednesday approved proposals to change the law to permit such checks to be made on applicants to join. The agency is currently only allowed to run checks on people who already work in the armed forces.

"Our focus will remain on the existing agreements and trying to get them to function they way they ought to be functioning, and continuing to engage on the serious concerns about the issues at hand," Baer said in an interview with Reuters in Berlin ahead of an OSCE meeting in nearby Potsdam.

LONDON (Reuters) - Shareholders in British technology company ARM approved its sale to Japan's SoftBank on Tuesday, marking the end of independence for the chip designer that powered the smartphone revolution.

Seeking to win political backing and smooth the path for the deal, the Japanese company's charismatic leader Masayoshi Son spoke to British Prime Minister Theresa May shortly before the deal was announced to allay concerns that it would be bad for the British technology sector. SoftBank, which is paying a 43 percent premium, has promised to at least double ARM's workforce in Britain over the next five years, keep its headquarters in Cambridge and retain its partnership-based business model and culture.

The US border with Mexico spans 1,989 miles. And while US Customs and Border Protection agents are tasked with patrolling America's borders, a volunteer group of armed civilians named Arizona Border Recon intercepts people illegally crossing into the US and hands them over to authorities.

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